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Education and training opportunities

Explore training and education opportunities at one of the nation's best pediatric hospitals.

Cardiology Education and Training Opportunities

Cardiology Education and Training Opportunities

Pediatric Cardiology Fellowship Program

The Fellowship Program of the Department of Cardiology at Boston Children's Hospital trains academically oriented leaders in the clinical care and laboratory and clinical investigation of pediatric cardiovascular disease. Learn more about the Cardiology Fellowship Program.

Cardiac Surgery Education and Training Opportunities

Pediatric Cardiac Surgery International Fellowship

The Cardiac Surgery Fellowship Program at the Boston Children's Hospital Benderson Family Heart Center is a one- to two-year training program designed for fellows from outside the United States to receive additional training in congenital heart surgery.

Benderson Family Heart Center Observership

Our Department of Cardiac Surgery offers an observership program designed for physicians who already have some advanced training in cardiac surgery and wish to fine-tune their skills. Learn more about Observerships.

Anesthesia, Surgery, Clinical, Research Fellowship

Each year, Boston Children's Hospital offers a one-year fellowship in pediatric cardiac anesthesia. The minimum requirement for this fellowship is completion of board eligibility requirements in anesthesiology, though previous pediatric and/or cardiac anesthesia experience is preferred. Learn about our anesthesia, surgery, clinical, and research fellowships.