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Science, Technology, and Healthcare Careers Camp | Overview

Mission: To inspire future healthcare leaders from the diverse communities we serve- one student at a time.

In partnership with the Mother Caroline Academy, the STHC is designed to expose students from first-generation and less advantaged socioeconomic backgrounds to a range of experiences with the primary aim of considering future careers in healthcare. The STHC offers insight into a variety of pathways to healthcare education and to a future career in healthcare.


Multiple photos: Boston Children's clinicians work with students from Mother Caroline Academy

STHC Internship Objectives

two girl interns and a nurse in blue scrubs looking at a screen

Explore Interests

Participate in hands-on activities designed around health care.

Discover Potential

Learn about healthcare career opportunities, through interactions with healthcare professionals.

Boost Confidence

Develop the confidence to reach for the stars and consider education and careers in healthcare.



Program Co-Founders and Directors

Izabela Leahy, PhD, MS, RN
Althea Hankey King, MM


Jaronid Jimenez, BS
Jamie DeCaro, MEd, CerATT

eleven teenagers and three women on a rooftop in front of a city skyline



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