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Our mission is to advance the complex science that underlies the treatment of children and adults with congenital and pediatric acquired heart disease so that we can continuously improve care and patient outcomes. To help meet this goal, the Benderson Family Heart Center maintains an active roster of clinical trials and ongoing research.

Since 1949, Boston Children's has pioneered cardiovascular innovations that have dramatically improved survival rates and the quality of life those born with heart defects. The Benderson Family Heart Center attracts major research support from funding agencies, including the National Institutes of Health and the American Heart Association. We have the nation's largest clinical and basic research program focused on pediatric heart disease, and we are an innovator in translational research — bringing laboratory discoveries to the bedside as quickly as possible.

Clinician looks at molecules in petri dish

Learn about the ongoing Cardiology clinical trials and research labs that are advancing the field forward.

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Innovation plays a critical role in our patients' health, so we are constantly creating new ways to treat heart diseases. Our scientists investigate every aspect of the heart and the conditions that affect it, so we can offer new and improved treatments to our patients. Our program's culture is one of innovation — of solving difficult problems that others haven't been able to solve, tackling the most complex cases, and figuring out ways to make the process easier on pediatric and adult patients.

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