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The Department of Pediatric Radiology provides a full range of imaging services for newborns, infants, children, teenagers, young adults and pregnant women at Boston Children's Hospital and our satellite clinics in Lexington, North DartmouthPeabody, Waltham, and Weymouth. Our experienced radiology team carries out more than 200,000 imaging studies each year, using the latest equipment and techniques specially designed or adapted for use with children.

Why choose the Boston Children's Department of Radiology?

  • Individualized care and specialty expertise: We provide individualized care for each patient to obtain the highest quality images and ensure the most accurate diagnoses. Our unique approach to pediatric radiology means that a pediatric radiologist who has specialized training in the disease or organ system being studied will review and interpret your child's images.
  • Innovative technology:  We have the most sophisticated imaging equipment available and are constantly developing and investing in breakthrough technology. All of our equipment is specially designed or adapted for pediatric use, meaning it is sized or used in a way that maximizes your child's comfort and safety. Read more about our research and innovations.
  • Safety: Some types of imaging studies require the use of radiation. By tailoring our equipment and protocols specifically to children, we keep radiation exposure as low as reasonably achievable (the ALARA standard) while producing high quality images. In some cases, we can avoid radiation altogether by using ultrasound or magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). Read more about our commitment to safety.
  • Environment: Our imaginative décor, knowledgeable staff and dedicated child life specialists help make your child's experience as enjoyable as possible. Age-appropriate distraction techniques, including video goggles, music, and lighting, are used to help ease anxiety.
  • Pediatric sedation and anesthesia: When required, sedation or anesthesia is administered and monitored by a dedicated and specialized team who put patient safety and comfort first. Our Try Without Anesthesia appointments offer patients of all ages the opportunity to try their scan without anesthesia, when applicable. Read more about our Try Without Anesthesia Program.