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Gabby short bowel syndrome patient

Doing everything possible for Gabby: A team approach to short bowel syndrome

Born prematurely, Gabby developed NEC, which resulted in him losing 80% of his intestines and developing short bowel syndrome. Now 3, Gabby loves spicy food, music, and art. “We’re grateful for every milestone with short bowel syndrome,” says his mom.

Ava CAIR patient

Leading the way: Ava's experience with teduglutide

For the past two years, Ava has been participating in a clinical trial of a drug that has had life-changing effects on her health. Thanks to the experiences of Ava and other children, that drug, teduglutide (Gattex), was recently approved by the FDA for use in eligible kids with short bowel syndrome.

Hannah CAIR Patient

Worth the fight: Finding care for short bowel syndrome

The view of Hannah's future changed as her parents began researching their daughter’s diagnosis of short bowel syndrome — until they learned about CAIR.

Christian short bowel syndrome patient

Living his best life: Caring for Christian

Two-year-old Christian spent nearly five months in his local NICU with short bowel syndrome. Now he's living his best life.