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Patient Resources | Overview

Information and support for parents of children with cochlear implants and parents seeking information about cochlear implants.


Cochlear implants and meningitis risk

  • Meningitis vaccination: Information from the CDC and FDA regarding the risk of pneumococcal meningitis and recommendation that cochlear implant users receive age-appropriate vaccination.

Cochlear implant manufacturers

The Cochlear Implant Program at Boston Children’s Hospital offers the following manufacturers of cochlear implants:

Remote microphone hearing assistance technologies (RM-HAT)

  • FrontRow: Classroom FM and infrared systems, emergency alerting and response
  • Phonak: Classroom and personal sound field FM systems  
  • Lightspeed: Classroom and personal sound field FM systems
  • Audio Enhancement: Classroom and personal sound field FM systems

Classroom acoustics

  • Classroom Acoustics Coalition: Online version Classroom Acoustics: A Resource for Creating Learning Environments with Desirable Listening Conditions

Captioned videos and communication access in real time (CART)