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The Down Syndrome Program offers specialized services for children with Down syndrome and their families. Program staff work closely with children, parents, medical specialists, community physicians and educators. Founded in 1967, the program is a subspecialty service of the Division of Developmental Medicine at Boston Children’s Hospital.

Specialty care for Down syndrome

The program is one of the oldest and largest of its kind, offering multidisciplinary health care for children, adolescents and young adults with Down syndrome from birth until they reach age 22. With each appointment, we are also able to make referrals and connections with other specialty clinics at Boston Children's. The Down Syndrome Program is more than a clinic. We strive to provide resources, advocacy, and supports to all families, depending on their individual needs.

Family support

For all of our clinics, the family is guided through their visit by the program coordinator, who is also the parent of a child with Down syndrome, as well as the patient liaison who is a young adult with Down syndrome. The program coordinator and patient liaison provide information, resources and support as well as serving as role models and sharing their personal experiences.

Prenatal diagnosis

In collaboration with the Maternal Fetal Care Center, we offer prenatal consultation for families who receive a prenatal diagnosis of Down syndrome. These confidential appointments are held in the Maternal Fetal Care Center and offer an opportunity for families to meet with a physician from the Down Syndrome Program to learn about medical and developmental issues that may be associated with Down syndrome, as well as resources in the community.

Additional appointments, such as cardiology, genetic counseling or lactation support can be coordinated as needed. We can also offer prenatal connections to community supports and to parents of children with Down syndrome to learn about their personal experiences.