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Safety | Overview

We take many special measures to ensure safety and confidentiality for all our patients. The unit has two doors at the entrance that are kept locked at all times. When you arrive and ring the doorbell, a staff person will open the door for you. You will be asked to answer a routine set of questions to ensure only authorized visitors are on the unit. Staff will also check any belongings that you bring onto the unit to ensure they are safe and appropriate to have on the unit, and will ask to hold any smoking materials, medication, or sharp objects that you may have with you.

Bathroom doors on the unit are kept locked to allow staff to monitor children closely and provide observation or assistance if necessary. Please know that a staff person can provide your child quick access to the bathroom 24 hours a day.

For safety and privacy reasons, we do not allow cell phones or electronic devices with photography or internet capability. Children are welcome to use these devices during family visits in a private room, under caregiver supervision.