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The Tuberculosis Program at Boston Children's Hospital cares for more than 400 TB-infected children each year. Located on the fourth floor of the Farley Building, our program provides comprehensive services ranging from evaluation and diagnosis to treatment and patient education.

Our expertise

Our program provides initial assessment to children who may have tuberculosis. If your child is suspected of having active tuberculosis (usually tuberculous pneumonia), he will probably be hospitalized and begin treatment with several anti-tuberculosis antibiotics. The Massachusetts Department of Public Health is notified, and arrangements are made for them to oversee medication administration after your child leaves the hospital.

Active TB patients

If your child has active TB, once he is allowed to go home, he will be followed by doctors in our outpatient clinic through monthly appointments with our doctors and nurses.

Inactive TB patients

If your child has been infected with tuberculosis but does not have the active form of the disease, he is considered an inactive TB patient. He will be treated with an oral antibiotic for nine months and followed monthly by a clinic nurse until he has finished his course of treatment. This helps prevent your child’s TB infection from turning into the active form of the disease.

Patient and family education

At clinic appointments, we give your family and child extensive education about tuberculosis. Our staff provides training and guidance to your family regarding all aspects of home care, including how to give your child his medication.

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