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Voice Therapy | Overview

Voice therapy is beneficial with many voice conditions, and a recommendation for voice therapy may be determined following a medical examination and completion of a voice evaluation. Voice therapy is generally focused on teaching efficient voice production and behaviors to support healthy voice. Therapy is customized for each individual based on diagnosis and specific voice concerns. The treating speech-language pathologist also provides home-practice activities and guidance to help transition newly learned skills into the home environment and achievement of lasting voice improvement. With young children, parents/caregivers are directly involved in the therapy process.

The frequency of therapy sessions may vary, though usually starts with weekly one-hour appointments. Time between therapy sessions may increase over the duration of therapy, which is typically a total of six to eight treatment sessions.

Therapy is available at Boston Children’s Hospital at Waltham, as well as some of our other satellites. Insurance authorization for voice therapy is requested prior to initiation of services. If you live outside the greater Boston area, we will work with you to locate a speech-language pathologist with knowledge of voice treatment in the vicinity of your home.