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Adolescent Substance Abuse | Overview

Validating NIAAA's Brief Screening Guide in Youth with Chronic Medical Conditions(ADHD) 

  • PI: Sharon Levy, MD 
  • Participants: DMC patients with a diagnosis of ADHD (and no co-ocurring diagnosis of developmental disorder) ages 14-18 years

Youth with chronic medical conditions are a large population uniquely vulnerable to harm from drinking given the potential for alcohol to negatively interact with both their underlying health condition and its treatment. The goal of this project is to validate the NIAAA Guide with this population to facilitate standardized screening and improve the response capability of physicians who regularly interact with them. Participants will complete an electronic version of the NIAAA guide and an assessment battery assessing level of alcohol use, medication adherence and quality of life Information on chronic disease status and alcohol risk factors will be obtained via chart review, with input from a team of clinical collaborators with domain expertise in target conditions. We will also assemble a team of 20 clinician experts to develop recommendations for clinician guidance and health messages for inclusion in the Guide for use with YCMC and field test it with patients.

For more information, please contact Rosemary Ziemnik.