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Aerosmith Endowment Fund Research | Overview

The Aerosmith Endowment Fund was established with donations from members of the band Aerosmith to Boston Children’s Hospital to support projects related to the prevention and treatment of HIV and other sexually transmitted infections (STIs) in adolescents and youth. Under the stewardship of Dr. Jean Emans, Dr. Judy Palfrey, and Dr. Ken McIntosh, the Aerosmith Endowment Fund has provided funding for scores of projects by dozens of members of the Boston Children's Hospital community since its inception in 1997.

Over the past few years, leadership of the grants committee for the Aerosmith Endowment Fund has transitioned to Dr. Lydia Shrier, Dr. Joanne Cox, and Dr. Tanvi Sharma. There have been additional changes to the structure of the fund to better support Boston Children's Hospital's efforts in the area of HIV and other STIs. Research topics covered by the Aerosmith Endowment Fund include adolescent medicine, infectious diseases, and public health.

Beginning in 2024, the Request for Applications will be distributed each year around January 15th. Applications will be due March 1st and funding will begin July 1st.

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