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Starting in Winter 2023, patients in the pediatric intensive care units (ICU) at Boston Children’s Hospital may be eligible for the EPI Dose Study. This innovative study investigates the use of two commonly used doses of epinephrine to treat sudden low blood pressure. Since very low blood pressure is an emergency that is difficult to predict, this study has been approved by the BCH IRB to use a special consent process for this potentially life-saving intervention. Learn more by visiting the Study Details page or by visiting

This study is led by Dr. Catherine Ross, MD, within the Division of Medical Critical Care, and is funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

Study Overview


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A study is taking place in the Boston Children's Hospital intensive care units (ICU) to look at a medication called epinephrine that is commonly used for urgently increasing blood pressure. Epinephrine can quickly raise blood pressure in an emergency when the blood pressure is too low.

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If the ICU team decides that a patient needs epinephrine for life-threatening low blood pressure, he/she may be enrolled in the EPI Dose Study. Patients who are enrolled in the study will initially receive one of the two most commonly used doses of epinephrine in order to quickly raise the blood pressure.

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If enrolled, your child's safety will continue to be top priority, and he/she will receive all treatments he/she would otherwise get.

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Because very low blood pressure is a life-threatening emergency, your doctors and nurses need to focus on taking care of your child, so they may not be able to discuss the study with you at the time the medication is needed. However, study personnel will discuss the study with you in further detail after your child is enrolled in the study. We are available at 617-468-8590 or to answer any questions.

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If you do not wish your child to participate, you may opt out at any time before the medication is given, including now by filling out this brief form. You can also click here for more information on opting out.