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Characterizing Potential Online Influences of Suicidal Ideation and Behavior in Adolescents in Psychiatric Crisis

This study asks adolescents ages 13 to 18, who come to the Boston Children's Hospital emergency room for a psychiatric evaluation, and have a history of suicidal ideation, to complete a one-time 5-to-10-minute survey. The survey asks whether participants have encountered suicide-related content online, and if they have ever used the Internet to obtain emotional support regarding suicidal thoughts. The project seeks to understand how adolescents might be using the Internet to explore information about suicide and obtain help from online peers regarding their suicidal ideation.

Use of Digital Phenotyping to Understand Digital Media Influence on Adolescent Substance Use

This study asks youth ages 15 to 18, from anywhere in the United States, to use a smartphone application for 90 days and to fill out daily surveys about drug or alcohol-related content online they may have seen online. Additionally, the surveys ask if they have engaged in any substance use or not. The smartphone application also collects information about the adolescent's Internet and social media use, as well as about their mood. Adolescents are able to earn up to $250 by participating in this study, and can indicate their interest in participating by filling out this REDCap survey or e-mailing

Assessing the Role of Digital Media, Electronics and their Relationship to Psychiatric Crises in Pediatrics

This study explores reasons why youth of all ages have come to Boston Children's Hospital in psychiatric crisis related issues with smartphone use, electronic devices or social media. While this study reviews electronic medical record data and doesn't involve interviewing children or adolescents at this time, our lab plans to use these findings to develop tools that address interfamilial conflict related to device and social media use in acute care settings, like hospitals.

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