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How can YOU help? Donations of all sizes help advance our understanding of brain development, hydrocephalus, and other neurodevelopmental conditions. Click here to contact Maria directly to make a direct donation to our research.

We are always grateful for financial donations to support our research. When you make a small donation, you make a big impact on global science. You can help the world’s most talented scientists solve the complex problems facing us today. Here are some of our latest contributions:

Pediatric Hydrocephalus Association donation

The lab received generous support from the Pediatric Hydrocephalus Foundation. Pictured from the PHF are: Rachel, Paul & Roman Malec (Ohio chapter), Michael Illions (PHF Vice President, New Jersey chapter), Denise & Bella Sacharczyk (Massachusetts chapter), Cindy & Reagan Shanley (Connecticut chapter), together with Lehtinen lab members: Fred Shipley, Huixin Xu, Neil Dani, and Maria Lehtinen.

Shanley Family donation

We are grateful for the Shanley Family for launching an internship program in the Lehtinen lab. We celebrated the start of this program in January 2019. Pictured are: Cindy & Reagan Shanley (Connecticut chapter of the PHF) together with Lehtinen lab members: Fred Shipley, Neil Dani, Huixin Xu, and Maria Lehtinen.

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