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Single Molecule and Single Cell Imaging

Our research focuses on detecting biological molecules such as DNA, RNA, and proteins with single-molecule precision. When in a mixture, the behaviors of individual molecules are masked in an ensemble average. To overcome this limitation, we use single-molecule fluorescence assays to monitor interactions between individual protein and DNA molecules under a microscope. This is achieved by fluorescently tagging the molecules of interest and illuminating them with a laser beam. We then combine these assays with other biophysical, biochemical and molecular biology tools and high-resolution cell imaging techniques to investigate the following research topics:

  1. Role of G-quadruplex and R-loop in transcription and translation
  2. Defining Poly (ADP-ribose) mechanism in biomolecular condensation
  3. Mechanism by which TERRA and oxidative damage impact telomere regulation
  4. Molecular mechanism underlying phase-separation of RNA binding proteins implicated in neurodegenerative diseases, ALS and FTLD
three boxes illustrating Single molecule TIRF, Optical Tweezers, and Phase separation
two boxes illustrating Dynamic Light scattering and Single molecule pull-down