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Neurodevelopmental Disorders Phenotyping Program Research | Overview


Welcome from the Neurodevelopmental Disorders Phenotyping Program at Boston Children's Hospital!

The Neurodevelopmental Disorders Phenotyping Program is a group of researchers from the Divisions of Developmental Medicine, Genetics, and the Program in Genomics at Boston Children's Hospital.

We are working together to gain a better understanding of autism spectrum disorders and other developmental disorders. We hope that our research will eventually lead to a better understanding of why developmental disorders occur, and will help doctors to diagnose patients at an earlier age. We also hope that our work will lead to better treatments and outcomes for children with developmental disorders and their families.

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With the number of children diagnosed with developmental disorders progressively rising, now is the time to explore the causes and seek better treatment. We need to raise awareness of these disorders and improve services and options for individuals and families impacted by developmental disorders. We depend on families like yours to make this happen.

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