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Family History Tools | Overview

A family tree (pedigree) is an important tool for families and their healthcare providers. A family tree is a useful way to document medical and family histories by using symbols. The family tree can be used by healthcare providers to identify possible patterns of disease in a family and possibly lead to treatment or prevention in certain individuals. It is also a helpful way to raise awareness among individuals and families about the specific health concerns in their family.

Example of a family tree documenting congenital heart disease in the family.

To learn more about how to document your own family history, please use the following links:

Family Health History (A tool from Genetic Alliance)

My Family Health Portrait (A tool from the U.S. Surgeon General)

If you are already enrolled in the TOF Genetics Registry and would like additional information about the type of family and medical history that will be collected as part of your participation, please click here.