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Read more about Peter H. Weinstock, MD, PhD

Executive Program Director, Immersive Design Systems (formally SIMPeds); Anesthesia Endowed Chair in Pediatric Simulation; Senior Associate, Critical Care Medicine

Associate Professor of Anaesthesia, Harvard Medical School

Read more about Jennifer Arnold, MD, MSc

Program Director, Immersive Design Systems


Gabe Arato, MBA

Senior Manager, Strategy and Business Development

Michelle Midura, MBA

Senior Project Manager

Kristen Grip

Project Manager I

Kaitlyn Nogueira

Operations & Database Manager

Kara Brown

Simulation Production Engineer II

Anderson Lamberto-Wilson

Project Manager

Saja Traoui, CHSOS

Simulation Production Engineer II

Rebecca Williams

Simulation Production Engineer II

Simulation Training and Performance

Read more about Donna Luff, PhD

Director, Training & Performance; Associate Program Director, Harvard Pediatric Health Service/Research Fellowship

Matthew Taylor, MEd, RN

Manager, Curriculum Development

Brianna O'Connell, MS, CCLS

Senior Curriculum Development Specialist

Kyle Martin, MPH

Simulation Evaluation Specialist

Human Factors & Systems Design

Applied Engineering

Stephen Wilson, BSME

Director of Engineering

Jeffrey Jacobson, PhD

Senior Engineering Project Manager

Katie Livingston, ME

Senior Development Engineer

Michael Silver, MA

Senior Development Engineer

Mariah Latshaw, MS, CAM-F

Senior Development Engineer

Eric Dennis, MS

Development Engineer II

Andrew Edman

Senior Development Engineer

Mun Chet

Development Engineer I

Kate Donovan, PhD, MBA, MS

Education Intervention Technology Coordinator

Angelina Gu

XR Designer I

Jeremiah Egolf

Development Engineer I

Edward Y. Lee, MD, MPH

Clinical Director, IDS 3D Anatomic Modeling Service

Associate Professor of Radiology, Harvard Medical School