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General information

When is the Center for Global Services open?
How do I arrange interpreter services for people in my family who do not speak English?
How do I send medical records to Boston Children's?
How do I make an appointment?
What languages does your staff speak?
When is the soonest that my child can come to Boston Children’s?
What will be the cost of services for my child’s case?

Patient care

How do I obtain credentials and background information for the physician who will be taking care of my child?
Are appointments with specialists and other specialty medical services for my child automatically covered by my insurance/payment plan?
How do I request medication for my child (the patient)?
What should I do if I have to cancel an appointment?
What should I do and whom should I contact in case of emergency?

Health care for family members

Are the family members of a patient also covered for healthcare while in Boston? If not, where can they seek care?
Can I request medication for other family members? What is the process to do this?

Getting to and around Boston

When should I book travel to Boston?
What are the options for transportation from the airport?
How can I get oriented to life in Boston?
How do I set up a local bank account?
How do I get a mobile phone and set up voicemail?