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The Cardiac Neurodevelopmental Program is committed to educating families and the broader community about the neurodevelopmental needs of children with congenital heart disease (CHD). We offer programs throughout the year to communities affected by CHD to increase knowledge about cardiac neurodevelopment, and to develop skills in treating and managing neurodevelopmental challenges.

Cardiac Neurodevelopmental Family Symposium

The Cardiac Neurodevelopmental Family Symposium is an annual meeting for people who care for children with CHD. It brings together parents and professionals for a full-day program of lectures, panel presentations, and interactive workshops. Participants learn from leading experts in the field of cardiac neurodevelopment and have the opportunity to meet other families who have similar life experiences. The symposium covers topics relevant in the lives of many families with CHD, such as managing anxiety, navigating special education, solving sleeping and feeding problems, and accessing early intervention services.

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