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The Center for Biopreparedness at Boston Children's Hospital is a center for public health preparedness and consequence management after acts of terrorism and other disasters; our team addresses these concerns specifically as they relate to pediatric health. The center was created in June 2003 with the assistance of a contract from the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ).

The center has assembled the largest group of pediatrician experts in terrorism/public health preparedness/disaster management in the United States. As a training site, the center has supervised the research of five fellows.


A primary mission of the center is to conduct original research that examines the efficacy of systems and protocols that have been developed as part of homeland security/public health preparedness efforts. Our research achievements include:

  • Since 2000, the center's scientists have published more than 20 research papers examining the value of educational websites in enhancing physician knowledge of bioterrorism, the ability to identify infection clusters, and innovative methods of clinical decision analysis that assist in the prompt recognition of infectious outbreaks.
  • These investigations and the resulting systems are currently being examined for their ability to rapidly identify emerging infections of all types, including West Nile virus and SARS.
  • The center's syndromic surveillance systems are among the most extensive and sensitive instruments currently available. One model of the center's surveillance system is EDScope, which identifies changes in the visit pattern of the Emergency Department.


The Boston Children's Center for Biopreparedness has:

  • trained personnel throughout the hospital on principles of terrorism, campus security, and consequence management
  • purchased and configured equipment for the management of mass-casualty incidents
  • developed pediatric surge capacity protocols
  • purchased personal protective equipment and trained emergency personnel in the management of pediatric victims
  • developed decontamination protocols for pediatric victims of chemical or radiation exposure
  • provided education to the Greater Boston medical community in pediatric aspects of homeland security/public health preparedness

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