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The Diabetes Program at Boston Children’s Hospital is dedicated to empowering children to manage diabetes and live healthy lives. We are one of the largest pediatric diabetes centers in the North America. We treat infants, children, adolescents, and young adults with all types of diabetes, including:

We understand that children are not just little adults. They are different physically and emotionally, and cope with the demands of diabetes management in their own way. Our clinicians have deep experience with children of all ages and work with families to develop a comprehensive treatment plan that meets each child’s physical, emotional, and developmental needs.

Learn more about warning signs of new onset diabetes for patients and families:


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Our program is consistently rated one of the best in the country for pediatric diabetes and endocrinology. We treat over 2,000 patients with diabetes each year and have demonstrated success in improving diabetes outcomes.

Innovations in diabetes management

In recent years, innovations such as insulin pumps, glucose monitoring devices, and smart insulin pens have helped many patients manage diabetes more effectively. We are committed to helping our patients gain access to technologies that are right for them.

We also support patient families in the use of hybrid closed-loop systems that integrate data from a continuous glucose monitor with a patient’s insulin pump. These integrated technologies can help families more optimally control their glucose levels.

Team approach to diabetes

Diabetes typically requires lifelong management from a number of professionals. At Boston Children’s, you’ll receive compassionate, family-centered care from a truly integrated team made up of:

  • specialists in pediatric endocrinology who can determine the proper course of treatment for your child
  • diabetes nurse educators who can teach you and your child how to monitor glucose levels and give insulin. Our nurse educators can also show you hot to use diabetes technology such as insulin pumps, continuous glucose monitors, and closed-loop systems
  • dietitians who can help you learn how to plan healthy meals and snacks and balance food, insulin, and exercise
  • medical social workers ready to help you and your child navigate the challenges of life with diabetes and connect with community resources
  • specialists in diabetes technologies to make sure you have access to the equipment you need
  • dedicated administrative staff to help coordinate the logistics of your diabetes-related appointments, supplies, and support

Leading the way in managing type 1 and type 2 diabetes

Our physicians and researchers are at the forefront of diabetes treatment and innovation. We partner with organizations like the American Diabetes Association to promote best practices in diabetes management and treatment at centers around the country.

Patient and family resources

Diabetes Program Teen Advisory Committee

Our Teen Advisory Committee consists of teen leaders who have type 1 diabetes and receive care at Boston Children’s. The committee brings together patients between the ages of 14 and 18 to brainstorm ideas and help develop new initiatives to support our patients and families in the Boston Children’s Diabetes Program.

Parent to Parent

If you’d like to talk another parent who knows what you’re going through, we can put you in touch with other families who have been through similar experiences and can share their stories.