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For Patient Families | Overview

At the Maternal Fetal Care Center (MFCC), our goal is to offer compassionate support and valuable information to address your questions and alleviate any anxieties about your pregnancy and health of the fetus. Whether you’re referred by your physician or contact us directly, we’re here for you at 617-355-6512 or through our online appointment request and to coordinate your care.

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Traveling for care

Download our Traveling for Care Guide for information on getting to the Maternal Fetal Care Center, accommodations, meals, and other essential details for your visit to Boston Children’s Hospital.

Getting started

Most new patients arrive at MFCC when routine prenatal tests indicate a fetal concern. Your physician can refer you, or you can contact us directly. To initiate the process, fax your medical information to 617-730-0124 or email it to

Phone intake

Once we receive your referral information, our team processes your records and connects you with our clinical team, which includes nurses, nurse practitioners, and genetic counselors. A team member will conduct a thorough intake, obtain additional medical history, discuss your understanding of the fetal diagnosis, and address your questions.

Your day at the MFCC

All necessary studies and tests, such as ultrasound, MRI, or echocardiogram, are performed at our clinic. While it can be a lengthy day, families find it valuable to undergo a comprehensive evaluation in one visit. Books, tablets, or other activities can help pass the time between tests.

Plans for your day might adjust based on diagnostic imaging results. We strive to complete all necessary studies, and appointments with consultants are adjusted accordingly. If you experience delays, please speak to our front desk staff.

Information and communication

We educate you about normal fetal development and share our findings during your consult. Written notes are provided for your reference, ensuring you leave with comprehensive information.

Meet the team

Throughout the day, you will meet various team members, including doctors, nurses, a genetic counselor, and a social worker. Our collaborative approach aims to support and educate you as you navigate this experience and make decisions.

Additional support

We believe in open and honest discussions about imaging findings, test results, and treatment options. We know this information can be overwhelming, and you may be anxious, angry, scared, or any range of emotions. That is why our clinical social workers are an integral part of your care team and are available for confidential counseling around fetal diagnoses, decision-making, coping with high-risk pregnancies, grief, and more.

Regardless of where you are in processing information about your pregnancy, our team is here for you.

In addition to our social workers, the following provide information is available to help plan your visit:

We also recommend the following resources: