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For Patients & Families | Overview

At Boston Children's Hospital, the staff of the Nutrition Center believes every child is entitled to family-centered care delivered by a collaborative team of experts.

Our team includes registered dietitians, registered nurses, nurse practitioners and gastroenterology physicians who conduct comprehensive nutrition and dietary assessments and develop individual care plans for each patient we see. Our goal is to help your child grow and develop, and feel better.

Preparing for your visit

As a parent, the best way to prepare for your child's visit to the Nutrition Center is to:

  • Bring a growth chart or recent growth measurements.
  • Bring food records, if requested by your child's physician. Three-day food records of your child's food intake are often the most helpful.
  • Bring a list of medications your child takes.
  • If your child is being admitted and has a special dietary or formula need that you do not think we can accommodate, please call a week prior to your visit with details of what you need. We have many specialty formulas and foods available, but it is always best to check with us in advance if you are not sure.  
  • Unless plans have been made in advance with our staff, if your child requires special foods or formula, please make sure to bring what is needed from home. For inpatient admissions, we make our best effort to obtain the requested special food or formula if medically indicated; however, without advance notice it may take several days or more to get the items your child needs or prefers. 
  • Be prepared for the possibility of tests and/or procedures, though this is usually not needed with nutrition appointments. 
  • Plan at least 30 to 60 minutes of time before your child's appointment for traffic, parking and clinic check in.
  • Expect a co-pay for the registered dietitian (nutritionist) at the time of your child's clinic check in.
  • Unless specifically instructed to fast prior to visit, your child does not need to fast.

Watch: How can I encourage healthy eating habits for my child?

Licensed clinical nutrition specialist Carolina Ruiz-Valenzuela discusses the importance of a balanced, nutritious diet.

Close to home

You can find the help and answers you need close to home. We have five locations in Massachusetts, each providing the same level of care, by the same staff as our Boston location. At Boston Children’s Hospital you’ll always know your child is getting the best care in the country.

Contact us to make an appointment

To make an appointment with one of our dietitians for your personalized assessment, please call 617-355-4677.