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As you move on to exciting new opportunities, we would love to stay in touch! Help us extend our alumni network by filling out our survey:


In the past, outgoing RA/Cs often mentioned that they wished they'd heard about PRADA earlier. Working with Human Resources, we're now able to reach RA/Cs as early as the job interview! As a member, you'll receive our monthly newsletters and calendar-based invitations to our events.

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Many alumni "give back" to PRADA by offering their time and insider knowledge to current members. Our list of over 60 alumni represent numerous medical, law, and graduate programs across the nation (and a few in the U.K.). When the time comes for you to apply, they can be an invaluable resource by providing you with first-hand information. We also host alumni in an informal lunch setting; allowing RA/Cs to interact with them, learn from their experiences, and take the opportunity to network.