Current Environment:

Executive Team

Leadership Team

Members of the Leadership Team include the Executive Team plus the following:

Staff & Lab Members

The Precision Vaccines Program is comprised of a group of dedicated individuals and teams working to enhance vaccine safety and efficacy and advance the next generation of vaccines for vulnerable populations. ​Our program is composed of experts in vaccinology, clinical trials, immunology, molecular biology, administration, data management, biostatistics, bioinformatics, and systems biology. They are listed in the following groups:

  • Affiliated Faculty
  • Staff Scientists
  • ​Post Doctoral Fellows
  • Data Management & Analysis Core
  • Administration Team
  • Project & Research Managers
  • Research Assistants​

Affiliated Faculty

Staff Scientists

Post Doctoral Fellows

Data Management & Analysis Core

Clinical Team

Administration Team

Project & Lab Managers

Research Assistants​/Technologists