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Craniosynostosis Outcomes Research | Overview


Dr. Hoa Lam Schneider is a pediatric neuropsychologist who specializes in the care of children with craniofacial anomalies and developmental based learning disabilities. Her clinical and research expertise is in pediatric neuropsychology, specifically children with craniofacial disorders and learning disabilities. Her current research focuses on exploring neurocognitive, psychological, and educational outcomes overtime in children with nonsyndromic and syndromic craniosynostosis (e.g., Apert, Crouzon, and Saethre-Chotzen syndrome). Further, her research hopes to identify contextual factors that promote development (e.g., family functioning, social support) to directly inform interventions. Future projects will focus on exploring links between genetics, neuropsychological functioning, brain structure and functioning using neuroimaging methods such as MRI, fMRI, DTI, across the lifespan in children with craniosynostosis.