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Faja Laboratory Research | Overview

Here in the Faja Lab, we are studying social and cognitive development of children and adults on the autism spectrum, with neurodevelopmental conditions, and with neurotypical development. We use physiological and behavioral measures to understand how changes in the brain support social cognitive development. Currently, our work is focused on:

Plasticity and treatment response

Can existing training programs be adapted for clinical use? Which aspects of behavior and neural function change in response to intervention?

Individual differences

How can we understand the vast differences in children on the autism spectrum? Do we see the same patterns in neurotypical development? Can we better predict which individuals will respond to interventions or may benefit from combinations of interventions?

Autism spectrum disorders

What factors increase the likelihood of specific aspects of autism? How can we better measure the strengths and challenges of all individuals on the autism spectrum? How can we better understand and support people on the spectrum later in life?

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Faja Lab: Labs of Cognitive Neuroscience


Our lab studies social and cognitive development in children and adults using behavioral and physiological tasks. Our current projects include toddlers, preschoolers, children, and adults and focus on individual differences in development and treatment.

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