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Cui Lab | Overview

The Cui Lab studies how cells in the neonatal heart detect injury signals and initiate dedifferentiation, proliferation, and eventually redifferentiation to form functional new cells? How do different cell types within the heart interact and guide each other in reconstructing the damaged tissue with appropriate cellular composition and tissue architecture? How is genetic information regulated in space and time to instruct a three-dimensional organization of cells within the regenerated heart tissue? We leverage the information learned by answering those questions to identify therapeutic targets and translate our findings into studies of human cells and therapies for heart disease patients.

Current areas of research include: 

  1. The origin and identity of regenerative cardiomyocytes

  2. Plasticity of cardiac stromal cells in regeneration and disease

  3. Role of adaptive stress response in tissue regeneration and repair

  4. High-throughput functional screens for regeneration essential factors

Headshot of Miao Cui.

Miao Cui, PhD

Scientist, Department of Cardiology

Assistant Professor of Genetics, Harvard Medical School