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Scleroderma | Overview


Initial Results From a Pilot Comparative Effectiveness Study of 3 Methotrexate-based Consensus Treatment Plans for Juvenile Localized Scleroderma

Authors: Li SC, Torok KS, Rabinovich CE, Dedeoglu F, Becker ML, Ferguson PJ, Hong SD, Ibarra MF, Stewart K, Pope E, Higgins GC, Laxer RM, Mason T 2nd, Fuhlbrigge RC, Andrews T

Summary: Dr. Dedeoglu was one of the core members in this study that investigated the feasibility of conducting comparative effectiveness studies in patients with Juvenile Localized Scleroderma, a very rare condition. This study proved that this approach was safe, effective and tolerable.

Publication Information: Journal of Rheumatology, October 2019