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Donating blood made easier

Give where you live or work by hosting a blood drive! The Boston Children’s Bloodmobile travels to businesses, high schools, and communities throughout Eastern Massachusetts. 

The Boston Children's Bloodmobile is 42 feet long and comes equipped with three health history rooms and five donor beds. Many Bloodmobile drives are held in honor or memory of a patient.

If you are interested in hosting a blood drive in your community, determine if you meet the requirements and fill out the form below. A member of the Blood Donor Center staff will follow-up with you. If you have questions, contact the Blood Donor Center at or 617-355-6677.

Requirements for hosting a Bloodmobile drive

  • flat ground equal to a minimum of six parking spaces for the Bloodmobile to park
  • indoor space for donor registration
  • restrooms with running water
  • access to the site for seven to eight hours
  • minimum of 40 potential donors

If you do not have enough donors for a Bloodmobile drive, consider hosting a drive at our Blood Donor Center at 333 Longwood Ave. in Boston.

Address of blood drive
Is the blood drive in honor of a specific patient?