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Meet Our Orthoptists | Overview

If you are coming for an ophthalmology appointment at Boston Children's Hospital, it is likely you will see a Certified Orthoptist as part of your visit. Orthoptists help detect, diagnose, and treat ocular conditions having to do with binocular vision (how the two eyes work together) and ocular motility (eye muscles and movement). Depending on what your ophthalmology visit finds, additional visits with an orthoptist may be recommended for more measurements, patching followups, orthoptic exercises, or prism evaluations.

Orthoptists specialize in:

The clinics that orthoptists practice in are

Orthoptic Clinics at Boston Children's Hospital

If you are referred to the Orthoptic Clinic, you will only be seen by the Certified Orthoptist and/or orthoptic students working under the direct supervision of the orthoptist. Depending on the nature and reason for your visit, appointments may take 15 minutes or an hour. You will likely undergo specialized sensory and ocular motor tests, some may be familiar and others may be new to you. At the end of the visit, the orthoptist will answer any questions you may have about your followup instructions and any nonsurgical treatment applicable to your vision. If you are coming to an orthoptic clinic for preoperative measurements, your ophthalmologist will discuss surgical plans with you, either prior to or following the orthoptic visit.