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Patient Stories | Overview

Hope, strength and courage are only a few words that describe the patients at Boston Children's Hospital. We hope some of their stories will inspire and encourage other patients and families in the same way they have inspired and encouraged everyone who works at Boston Children's Hospital.

Saving Andie's Eyes: Retinopathy of Prematurity
Seeing Andie Ormiston's sparkling blue eyes and radiant smile, you'd never guess this petite 3-year-old's entry into the world was touch-and-go.
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Giving Heather New Confidence: Strabismus surgery
Heather Barlow developed strabismus after suffering a traumatic eye injury in a car accident.
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A Whole New Outlook: Misaligned Eyes
In August, David Hunter, MD, PhD, chief of Ophthalmology at Boston Children's Hospital, operated on my eyes...
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Restoring Brennan's Vision: Intraocular lenses
Diagnosed with a cataract at 12 months, Brennan Hughes-Shiverick needed surgery to extract the clouded lens in his left eye.
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Patient Kimberly Cooney suffered from a rare eye condition where her eyes would not hold steady unless she cocked her head more than 45 degrees to the left. The following letter was sent to David Hunter, MD, PhD, Children's ophthalmologist-in-chief.