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Pay Your Bill | Overview

We offer three ways for your to pay your Boston Children’s Hospital bills online:

My Children's Patient Portal

A MyChildren's Patient Portal account enables you to complete these actions and more:

  • make a payment for bills dated after June 1, 2024 – For billing statements with a date of service before June 1st, please use Guest Pay.
  • set up a payment plan
  • manage your payment method (bank account, credit card)
  • update your insurance coverage

Guest Pay

Use the guarantor's last name and account number to make a payment without logging in to the portal. Guest Pay may be used for all bills regardless of date of service. 

International payments

We are happy to offer international online payment opportunities through Flywire.

Have a billing question?

Read our frequently asked billing questions, search through our billing glossary or contact Patient Financial Services Customer Service directly.