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Boston Children's Hospital staff members are dedicated to making sure you and your family are active partners in your care experience. The Best in Care Award offers a way for families to recognize staff members and volunteers who go above and beyond in providing exceptional care experiences.  

  • The Best in Care Award program is 100 percent patient and family nomination driven. Nominations are submitted by patients and/or family members, and patients/families select our winner(s) each year.
  • Every nominee receives a congratulatory letter from hospital leadership.
  • Each year, one or more staff members or volunteers from Boston Children’s Hospital are honored with a Patient and Family Best in Care Award.
Nurse Best in Care

Did a staff member or volunteer make your family’s experience here at Boston Children’s Hospital better?

Previous winners

  • 2021: Liz Gulla (staff nurse, Medical ICU) and Billy Maxwell (Manager, Orthopaedic Casting & Immobilization Services)
  • 2019: Karen Horn (staff nurse, Cardiac ICU) and Elvis Ortiz (Valet Services)
  • 2018: Lucilo Puello (Environmental Services) and Jill Twomey-McLaughlin (Child Life Specialist)
  • 2017: Susan Shaw

Among our past nominees:

Dr. Belinda Dickie, 2019 Best in Care finalist

2019 finalist: Dr. Belinda Dickie, director, Colorectal and Pelvic Malformation Center

“Dr. Dickie has expertly cared for my grandson. But that is not all. She has cared for the whole family, patiently answering questions all along the way. She has a way about her that goes well beyond the typical expectations. For instance, she chose to carry our grandson into surgery. It is an image I will never forget. Boston Children's Hospital is fortunate to have Dr. Dickie and all the families who have had her help them are forever fortunate and grateful, too.”

Janis Arnold, 2018 finalist for Boston Children's Hospital Best in Care Award

2018 finalist: Janis Arnold, social worker

“My son has multiple chronic illnesses and has grown up with Boston Children’s as his second home. He has been treated here by several specialties since he was 4 months old, and he is now 14. He has required multiple major surgeries and procedures, 200 “sleep-overs,” and is under the care of a fantastic team of doctors and nurses. What sets Timmy’s experience apart is the care, coordination and facilitation Janis Arnold has provided our son and family. I truly could write a novel about how Janis has helped our son cope, manage and navigate living with multiple chronic illnesses with resilience, humor and love. Our son and our family would not be where we are today without the help of Janis Arnold. She has made the impossible possible, and the unbearable bearable for our family.”

Lucilo Puello, winner of 2019 Boston Children's Hospital Best in Care Award, plays with a patient.

2018 winner: Lucilo Puello, Environmental Services

“With many, many hospital admissions we have gotten to know the staff very well. Everyone is so kind, but there is one individual who has warmed our hearts and made Ellie’s days so happy. Lucilo is on the floor every day with a huge, loud floor sweeper. At first, our little girl was terrified of the machine. She would run away from it because of the noise. But Lucilo is a caring, loving and happy person who whistles to the children while he works. Ellie was drawn to him (but still terrified of the machine), so it turned into a happy game of hide-and-seek. She waited for him every morning and their games of hide-and-seek filled the hallways with giggles and laughter. As Ellie got sicker and was on precautions, he would come check on her through the window. His compassion and love for her is heartwarming. One day, after he left the room, Ellie said to me quietly, “I love him, Mama.” We are so thankful for you, Lucilo. Thank you for making our days here happy and bright.”