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About us

Spirituality is an expression of the universal human need to make meaning and create a purposeful life, to find hope, to express love, and to feel connection. Religion is one of the many “languages” of spirituality, but by no means its only expression.

Chaplains, as spiritual care providers, are here to listen, accompany, and bear witness to the joys, sorrows, and hopes of children and families. We also are available for prayer, blessings, rituals, and religious needs. Chaplains engage and foster the spirituality present in playfulness, beauty, storytelling, nature, movement, mindfulness, and community.

During difficult situations, children and families may feel challenged and may ask questions they have never asked before. Visiting with a chaplain offers a space for patients and caregivers to explore how they are making meaning of their experience.

We nurture the human spirit in all people. Chaplains affirm children’s spirituality and offer care that is developmentally appropriate. It is our honor to support children and families in ways that are most helpful to them.

Mission statement

Our mission is to support children, families, caregivers, and staff by providing spiritual care that cultivates healing, wholeness, and honors the dignity of each person.

What we do

  • listen compassionately and confidentially
  • accompany and advocate
  • partner with caregivers and collaborate with multidisciplinary teams
  • support spiritual practices and religious observances
  • provide worship services and sacraments
  • facilitate rituals, spiritual support groups, and mindfulness teaching
  • consult on religious, spiritual, and ethical questions
  • pray, bless, and share hope

Who we are

Our diverse team of board-certified chaplains are spiritual companions for all, including those who have secular or humanistic approaches.

Contact us

Page: Contact a chaplain by calling the page operator at 617-355-6363 or through a member of your care team.

Email: Rabbi Susan Harris, Director of Spiritual Care

Phone: 617-355-8095

Boston Children's Hospital
Department of Spiritual Care
300 Longwood Ave.
Hale Building, SK 1418
Mailstop: BCH 3240
Boston, MA 02115


Please see announcements on the hospital chapel door for updates.



  • Vipassana “Insight” meditation led in the chapel by request
  • meditation cushions available in the chapel for use at all times


  • multi-faith chapel with direction to Qibla, open at all times for daily prayer
  • Boston prayer schedule
  • special offerings for Ramadan and other holy days
  • additional Muslim resources available


  • Protestant bibles available by request
  • special offerings for Lent, Easter, and Christmas

Roman Catholic

  • Holy Communion ministers visit on inpatient units as requested
  • rosaries and Catholic bibles available
  • tabernacle in the chapel for personal prayer
  • special offerings for Lent, Easter, and Christmas