Music Therapy

The Department of Music Therapy at Boston Children's aims to provide patients optimal care by integrating music based interventions to assist in a patient’s developmental, rehabilitative, emotional and psychological well-being, during all stages of treatment. Music therapists work with patients and their caregivers, and the interdisciplinary team to create strategies that support the outcome and experience of their hospitalization.

About Music Therapy

Music Therapy is the clinical and evidence-based use of music based interventions to accomplish indi-vidualized goals within a therapeutic relationship by a credentialed professional.

Music Therapy at Boston Children's Hospital provides direct inpatient care to patients and their families through a family centered model. Our music therapists are members of the treatment team on inpatient units at Boston Children’s Hospital, providing treatment and education through music based interventions to support a patient during their hospital admission.

Our board certified music therapists are trained to assess patients with a variety of pediatric medical conditions to support:

  • Developmental outcomes related to complex medical diagnosis and/or prolonged hospitalization
  • Rehabilitation and recovery of cognitive, sensorimotor, and communication deficits due to neurologic injury or disease
  • Psychological wellbeing related to short and long term effects of medical diagnosis
  • Pain management
  • Emotional expression
  • Coping with stress and anxiety surrounding diagnosis and medical treatment
  • Family bonding

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Our Music Therapy team

Brian Jantz
Joanna Bereaud
Mark Fuller
Hannah Foxman
Eva Marija Vukich
Tatiana Penagos

Our patients

Our music therapists work to improve each patient’s hospital admission and achieve optimal recovery while supporting the patient's psychosocial needs. Our music therapists work closely with the interdisciplinary team by collaborative co-treatments that support the patient and family’s individual needs.

The goal of music therapy is to help patients maximize their physical, psychological, cognitive and/or social functioning. Music therapists work with patients and their caregivers to improve the neurodevelopmental and psychosocial outcomes that are at risk due to medical diagnosis and prolonged hospitalization.

Receiving music therapy

To access music therapy while your child is admitted to Boston Children’s Hospital, contact your Nurse, Child Life Specialist, and/or care team to have a referral placed.


Local, Regional and National

Education The music therapy department strives to provide educational in services, lectures, and advocacy among the music therapy field, including: (what presentation topics have been done). Our staff have been lecturers and adjunct faculty in music therapy programs at local academic institutions such as Berklee College of Music and within the Harvard Medical School institution.

Clinical Education Opportunities

Currently, the music therapy program at Boston Children’s provides clinical education for practicum students and interns who are completing their music therapy degree from an accredited music therapy program. Our team provides clinical supervision for trainees seeking clinical experience in the implications and treatment of music therapy in a pediatric setting. The ideal candidate for an internship at Boston Children’s will be interested in pediatric care and able to relocate to the Boston area for the duration of their internship.

Internship inquiry should be directed to:
Mark Fuller Jr, MT-BC, NMT
Music Therapy Department
Boston Children's Hospital
300 Longwood Avenue
Boston, MA 02115
Office Phone: 617-355-7509


Research and Innovation

The Department of Music Therapy at Boston Children’s Hospital focuses on providing innovative, cutting edge research to understand how music therapy can improve the neurodevelopmental and psychosocial outcomes of children during hospitalization. Our Music Therapists are collaborating and pioneering pediatric music therapy research to expand the understanding of music therapy in the pediatric population.

There is a growing interest in discovering how music can play a role in the treatment of children with complex medical diagnosis. It is our goal to contribute to scientific research to optimize the future of music therapy and pediatric medicine.

For more information on the role of research in pediatric music therapy, or if you are a clinician/researcher interested in collaborating on research, please contact our Program Manager at

Contact Us

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