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Equipment | Overview

Name Make/Model Functionality Location
Inframot (infrared motion sensor) tse-systems Voluntary activity Karp 04016
Activity wheels tse-systems Voluntary activity Karp 04016
Optomotor Cerebral Mechanics Visual acuity (brain stem reflex) Karp 04004
qOMR (Automated Optomotor) Phenosys Visual acuity (brain stem reflex) Karp 04004
Acoustic Startle Reflex Kinder Scientific Hearing reflex Karp 04006
Pre-pulse Inhibition Kinder Scientific Sensorimotor gating Karp 04006
Rotarod Columbus Instrument Ataxia Karp 04018
Treadmill IITC Life Science Forced activity Karp 04018
DigiGait Mouse Specifics Gait analysis Karp 04004
Grip Strength tse-systems Motor strengh Karp 04009
ActiTrack locomotor activity Harvard Apparatus Voluntary activity  Karp 04016
Conditioned Fear Ugo Basile Anxiety/Cognition Karp 04006
Light Dark Box Ethovision XT (Noldus)  Anxiety Karp 04014
3-Chamber Sociability Test Ethovision XT (Noldus) Anxiety/Social Recognition Karp 04014
Elevated Plus Maze Ethovision XT (Noldus) Anxiety Karp 04014
Conditioned Place Preference Ethovision XT (Noldus) Emotional response to stimulus/condition Karp 04014
Forced Swim Ethovision XT (Noldus)  Response to Stress Karp 04016 
Tail Suspension Ethovision XT (Noldus) Response to Stress Karp 04016 
Open field/holeboards Kinder Scientific Anxiety/Activity Karp 04016
Ultrasonic Vocalizations Sonotrack, Metris Communication Karp 04016
Contextual Fear Conditioning Stoelting (ANY-maze) Anxiety/Cognition Karp 04006
Novel Object Recognition Ethovision XT (Noldus) Short term Working memory Karp 04014
Y Maze Ethovision XT (Noldus) Spatial short term working memory Karp 04014
Water T Maze Ethovision XT (Noldus) Cognitive flexibility Karp 04014
Morris Water Maze Ethovision XT (Noldus) Spatial short term working memory Karp 04008
Operant Touchscreens Lafayette Instruments Attention/working memory/flexibility Karp 04015
Hot plate Bioseb Noxious heat sensitivity Karp 04016
Thermal Gradient Bioseb Threshold heat preference Karp 04016
Thermal place preference Bioseb  Threshold heat preference Karp 04016 
Von Frey Stoelting  Mechanical allodynia threshold   Karp 04009
Wireless EEG DSI (Harvard Bioscience) Seizure susceptibility, epileptiform abnormalities, circadian disturbances, actigraphy, auditory evoked response potentials; continuous monitoring available for up to 4 months. Karp 04013
Tethered EEG, multichannel Pinnacle Technology  Sleep architecture analysis for up to 5 days. Karp 04013
Subdermal wire electrode EEG Cadwell   Karp 04013
TMS with electromyography and/or accelerometry   In vivo cortical stimulation for translational experiments aimed to measure cortical excitability, cortical inhibition, cortical plasticity, motor evoked potentials. CLS 14
ECGenie Mouse Specifics Conscious, unrestrained ECG Karp 04009
Whole Body Plethysmography SCIREQ (EMKA Technologies) Breathing measures, apneas   Karp 04009
Integrated Systems
Calcium imaging and Optogenetics  OASIS (Mightex) Microendoscope fitted with fiber-coupled laser and LED light sources that is used in conjunction with implantable gradient-index (GRIN) lenses Karp 4 Portable
In vivo calcium imaging Neurophotometrics Multi-fiber photometry Karp 4 Portable
In vivo microdialysis BASi Raturn and BAS HoneyComb Microdialysis Karp 04009
Open flow microperfusion BASi Microperfusion Microperfusion Karp 04009
Dissecting microscopes Leica/Zeiss   Karp 04002/17
Stereotaxic frames Harvard Apparatus   Karp 04002/17