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Name  Make/Model  Functionality  Location 
LSM 700 Laser Scanning Confocal Zeiss This upright confocal is particularly suitable for combinations of GFP/YFP with the new generation of fluorescent proteins (e.g. mOrange/mCherry), and is fitted with a manual stage, facilitating easy location of samples/regions of interest. CLS13035
LSM 710 Multiphoton Laser Scanning Confocal
Zeiss This instrument has a MaiTai tuneable IR laser and 2 channel GaAsP non-descanned detector for multiphoton imaging. Laser lines include 453, 488, 514, 561, 594 and 633. CLS13035
SteREO Discovery Dissecting Microscope Zeiss Ideal for dissections this microscope uses a variable LED transmitted light base for even illumination of specimens, supplemental fibre optic illuminators, and a rotatable nosepiece with a 0.3 x, 0.5 x and 1 x objectives with programmable motorized zoom. Video capable for protocol development.  CLS12145
AxioImager Slide-scanning Microscope Zeiss Able to obtain widefield images for fluorescent and/or colorimetric/histology stains, complete with a slide-scanning stage for up to 8 slides CLS 13035
80i Fluorescence Microscope with dry objectives Nikon  Epifluorescence microscope offering DIC, UV, GFP, RFP, YFP, CFP and CY5 fluorescence.   CLS13035
E800 Transmitted Light/Fluorescence Microscope with oil objectives Nikon  Epifluorescence microscope offering DIC, UV, GFP, RFP, YFP, CFP and CY5 fluorescence. CLS13035
Neurolucida and Stereo Investigator Nikon  Epifluorescence microscope offering DIC, UV, GFP, RFP, YFP, CFP and CY5 fluorescence. 
Ti Eclipse inverted microscope Nikon Equipped with an incubator unit and automated stage, this system allows long term imaging of living samples.
MPE-RS Confocal/Multiphoton - Laser Scanning
Olympus System capable of in-vivo imaging in anesthesized- and awake-behaving mice and rats. Custom rig set-up available.
Enders SB-0068
TCS SP8-STED microscope (super resolution) Leica  The base of this system is a standard confocal microscope suitable. Also available at the system is the Leica TCS SP8 STED ONE with white-light laser, for super-resolution STED imaging.  CLS13035
CLARITY Tissue clearing system Life Canvas An all-in-one instrument for tissue clearing. This system is able to process, and clarify a whole adult mouse brain in under 48 hours, allowing the sample to then be immunolabelled (IF/ICC, endogenous expression) and imaged downstream.
Imaris 9 3D/4D visualization and analysis software 
BitPlane 3D/4D visualization and analysis for cell based segmentation, automated tracking, detection, interactive lineage trees and statistical tests (for customization in Matlab, Java or Python)
MaiTai Ti-Sapphire lasers (for Olympus & Zeiss) 
Newport (available for use with the Olympus MPE-RS or the Zeiss 710) various