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Wellness Presentations

MindfulnessRonald Siegal, MD, Cambridge Health AllianceCenter for Mindfulness and Compassion; mindfulness and compassion history and practices with actual demonstrations for patients/families and providers (self-kindness), emotional avoidance.

Burnout: It's not your fault (and yoga won't fix it), Cathie Humikowski, MD, trained at BCH, currently in private practice in Chicago; presenter is cancer survivor. Personal journey with sleep deprivation, grief and anxiety. Went into cardiac arrest after childbirth. Dealing with lack of maternity leave. Effect on career. Definition, overview and research on effect of burnout on personal and professional life. Techniques, resources to combat.

Peer support in Anesthesia, Amy Vinson, MD, BCH Anesthesiologist; impact of adverse events and peer support program. Definition of burnout, includes impact of medical error on physician, Some focus is on anesthesiologists.

Intentional Gratitude, Amy Vinson, MD, BCH Anesthesiologist; discusses how intentional gratitude positively impacts provider burnout and patient outcomes and gives practical examples.

For more information on Office of Faculty Development Faculty Peer Support Groups, facilitated by Sara Forman, MD,  the Making Science in Fiber Arts Meet-up, facilitated by Elissa Weitzman, ScD, and the Annual Apple-Picking Expedition, email

The Resources Pamphlet from the Office of Faculty Development/Office of Fellowship Training workshop “How to be an Active Family” includes information on how families can develop enjoyable fitness routines.

In December 2022 the Office of Faculty Development and the Office of Fellowship Training sponsored a new workshop on “Self-Help Strategies in a Challenging World;” the workshop focused on practical ways to obtain the most daily self-care despite a busy or stressful schedule in an environment that prizes perfectionism.  Our self-help tips from the workshop speakers can be downloaded here.

In April 2023 the Office of Faculty Development presented an additional workshop on “Creating Joy via Your Personal Interests;” the workshop focused on how faculty members’ leisure activities can lead to increased well-being; occasionally, these interests can circle back to an enhanced professional identity.  Our handout from the session, “Growing Your Personal Interests” provides tips on how to sustain these activities. 

Office of Faculty Development Meditation and Yoga Bookmark Guides

With assistance from Emily Davidson, MD, MPH, Registered Yoga Teacher and Jamie Heath, MD, Registered Yoga Teacher, the Office of Faculty Development has created 3 bookmarks with step-by-step instructions for yoga poses and meditation techniques.  We are happy to distribute these to any BCH faculty and/or community member.  Email with your requests.

Work/Family Balance Options

Boston Children's Hospital Work/Family Services will connect you to agencies and resources that can benefit your well-being. Telephone 617-355-8933

Boston Children's Child Care Center

Boston Children's Hospital Child Care Center was created to provide high quality child care for children of hospital employees and staff. Telephone: 617-355-6006

Bright Horizons Child Care Center

Bright Horizons Child Care Center is located in the Landmark Building on the corner of Brookline Ave., and the Fenway, the Bright Horizon's Family Center serves families from several area hospitals and Harvard Medical School. The center operates from 6:30 AM to 6:30 PM, Monday through Friday, under an "open door" policy which parents of enrolled children are welcome at any time. Children's has reserved 20 slots for its employees. Telephone: 617-336-4496

Back-up child and adult care is now provided by For more information, click on

Clinician Support, Office of (OCS)

David DeMaso, MD, OCS Director, 617-355-6724

The Office of Clinician Support provides a safe place for physicians to discuss and resolve a wide range of work place and personal issues. The OCS provides a blend of services ranging from creating awareness of work-engendered stresses, to discussions about work-related and personal concerns, to mental health assessments, to crisis interventions. All clinicians are seen at no charge with referrals to outside professionals as needed. OCS staff will make arrangements to meet at a convenient time, usually within 24-48 hours. For more information about the program, please feel free to contact the OCS Director directly.